December 30, 2011

sequin time

Happy New Year

Happy New Year by fashionparadegirl featuring hair bow accessories

There has to be at least a single New Year's Eve in every girl's lifespan when she's decked out in sequins. As cliche as it may be, I still love it! With this year's fashion trend consisting of glitz and glam textiles, it makes it even more easier to shimmer your way into 2012.

1. clutch- Mango
2. bangles- Betsey Johnson
3. tank- Rachel Zoe
4. dress- Antik Batik
5. blazer- Haute Hippie
6. skirt- Vince
7. headband- Salvatore Ferragamo
8. shorts- Patrizia Pepe
9. pumps- Enzo Angiolini

December 27, 2011

mixed elements

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. I say, why not throw in the gold, silver and platinum too? Earlier this month, I was gifted the beautiful David Yurman Crossover Bracelet (thanks to my dear hubby!) which got me to realize how much I love mixing different metals in my jewelry.

Nowadays it is perfectly acceptable to mix gold (yellow and rose, but of course) and silver, as long as it's not done over-excessively. Take a look at  some of my favorite ways to mix it up:

dainty pieces- Although I am really big on chunky jewelry, my true love has always been classic pieces. Pair a bunch of delicate mismatched metals and there you have it... classy bling!

throw in the ice- It doesn't necessarity have to be real diamonds (but hey, a girl can dream!). Rhinestones and crystals rock a long way too.

statement ring- A cocktail ring is an equivalent of an abstract art piece. Make your way towards one that has various shades of metallic hues, strong structure, and catches your eye immediately.

mixed piece- When combining solid gold and silver, try to keep a versatile piece that already has more than one metal in its design. A two toned watch is a perfect bridge piece.

And, there you have it... jewelry etiquitte redefined.

December 09, 2011

the tight rule

So I had been experiencing writers block for the last few weeks until just the other day when I spotted a horrendous faux paus. As I was strolling around at the mall, enjoying the pleasant holiday atmosphere along with my grande-non-fat-gingerbread-mocha-no-whip in my hand, I noticed something not so pleasant. A chunky knit button down cardigan (mind you, with the last button undone) paired with black opaque tights! And that was it. No skirt. No shorts. And, No- the cardigan was not a sweater-dress or even a long sweater. Peeping control top pantyhose- not cute. The outfit would have been perfectly appropriate just by replacing the tights with leggings. Here's the difference, just in case.

Tights: i.e. pantyhose, a one-piece undergarment consisting of underpants and stretchable stockings.

Leggings: tight fitting stretch pants.

My rule of thumb is if you can wear your top with bare legs, it's tights appropriate. In all other cases, go with leggings.

December 01, 2011

rain and shine

Rainy season seems to have a bad rap amongst most of us. Notice I say "most" and not "all."
It's actually a time of slight excitement at my home; My 3 year old son gets a thrill out of splashing in muddy puddles and I get joy from slipping into my new Hunter Rain Boots.

November 16, 2011

bhangra board shorts

Here's a thought: unreal acrobats under the big top combined with Indian bhangra music and... board shorts? Yup. I went to the Cirque du Soleil show, TOTEM, over the weekend. And naturally, being a huge fan of Indian influenced fashion, I was amazed at how well saree inspired board shorts really completed the scene. Take a look at how these traditional South Asian fabrics have fashionably made their way into our contemporary wear.

November 11, 2011


Long hair can be feminine and sultry but at the same time have the tendency to look drab and frumpish. The fishtail braid has made a comeback this year leaving long tresses with a careless chic alternative. And, really, who doesn't want to look like a mermaid, right?

Alicia Keys

Minka Kelly

Nicole Kidman

November 03, 2011

splash of bordeaux

splash of bordeaux

Last weekend, some friends and I had dinner at a super chic French-American restaurant, RN74. Appropriately named after Route Nationale 74 (the main highway that runs through the Burgundy wine region of France) and appropriately decorated with dark urban hues combined with a splash of burgundy and bordeaux. I couldn't help but get mesmerized by the rich colors reminiscent of the 30s and 40s, that have also made a fashion statement this season. How would you fashion parade this shade?

1. Opening Ceremony fur vest
2. Tom Ford nail lacquer
3. SANDRO skinny pants
4. Tory Burch flats
5. Prada sunglasses
6. Acne Vale leather cuff
7. Alexander McQueen silk scarf
8. J.Crew hobo

October 25, 2011

haute in the kitchen

Fashion lovers tend to dip into the world of food also. I find a way to convince myself to always try and whip up a new concoction in my kitchen (for the first time, of course) when I am hosting a dinner party of some sort. What makes it even more exciting? My oh-so-lovely aprons. 
How can this not inspire you to be domesticated?

End result: red velvet whoopie pies
Take a look at where you can get a brand new look for your chef-ista moments:

October 22, 2011

magenta menswear

A deep purplish-red with dark pink undertones; Meet the hottest color around in contemporary menswear. The last several months, I have seen more dark magenta neckties at formal events, on magazine spreads and on television than any other obvious menswear trend. I would call it the most versatile tie shade since it brightens any suit ensemble- black, gray, brown, or navy. What would you wear in this fun bold color?

October 20, 2011

it's a bird. it's a plane. it's...

the cape, again!

One of this season's must-haves and one of the items I cannot wait to add to my wardrobe. Comfort, practicality and on trend. Just make sure it's the right fabric choice. No fleece please.
inspiration cape

October 06, 2011

perfect nude

perfect nude

perfect nude by fashionparadegirl featuring miu miu platform pump 

Just like the LBD, a pair of nude colored pumps should be a part of every girl's wardrobe. Consider it the perfect staple for any dress in your closet (plus it looks fantastic with jeans). For months, I have been on a quest for that perfect nude colored pump. It always either had too much of a pinkish tone, too much of a platform heel, too much of a pointy toe, or just too much gloss... until I finally found her: Miu Miu Patent Platform Pump in cammeo.

September 29, 2011

saving face

Before: excited to attend my very first live NFL game
During: three hours at an outdoor sporting event in scorching heat sans sun protection
After: an uneven crispy face tan/burn
Now: not excited about my skin situation nor NFL

I've been struggling for over a week now trying to reverse the sun damage on my face (primarily my forehead and nose!).  After getting several pointers from family, friends and of course, the internet- I decided to list them for you all to take note of:

September 11, 2011

bright to be

Wedding season, ahem year, continues for me. I recently attended a bridal shower that was all about vibrant color. A breathtaking venue with turquoise and tangerine decor (think garden tea party), desserts to absolutely die for, my favorite girlfriends, and of course... a show stopping bride to be!

Dressed in a bright canary yellow with a perfectly complimented crimson lip (including a true red mani/pedi), understated classic jewelry, and subtle-yet-sexy snakeskin stilletos. Just divine.

I've always thought yellow to be a tricky color to wear. So I gathered a few quick tips on being miss sunshine, fashionably:

September 05, 2011


The zip code with the highest average income in the country; Atherton, California. The wealthy town tucked away between San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean has everything you would associate Northern California with... spectacular natural setting, organic living, and casual style. Though it may not be anywhere close to being a fashion capital (I am pretty certain that its residents would be able to purchase all the swankiest designer brands out there!), Atherton does have quite the charm.
The beauty of natural green.

The only house I could afford in Atherton!
Love this medley of colors and textures...
Here's a look at Atherton's effortless flair...

August 24, 2011

burnt summer

As the last days of summer are approaching, I pay homage to one of my favorite hues of the season. A beautiful meld of red-ish corals and amber tints... classic but fresh.
linen ballet flat with jute covered heel

cat's eye silhouette

gradient shades

burst of orange

bohemian coral colored stones

August 20, 2011

jeg what?

Jeggings. Jeans plus leggings. I went back and forth quite a few times on accepting this stretchy denim concoction to be a member of my wardrobe before I finally gave in sometime, say over a year ago. Now the question was "are jeggings still IN?" Well, they officially are here to stay. The Concise Oxford English Dictionary just added the new fashion invented word to it's vocabulary today. Here are a few celebs (Mena Suvari, Elizabeth Hurley, Rachel Bilson) flaunting the look. What are your thoughts... keep or kick?
photo credit:
photo credit:

photo credit:

August 17, 2011

rock n' rawr

Not too long ago I was invited to a birthday soiree for one of the most adorable gals I know. As if that wasn't enough reason for me to attend... it was also a girls night out plus a ferocious feline dress code! I was so there. Each one of the ladies meowed an animal print from their wardrobes to encompass one of the following three looks:

1. The dress. Wearing a leopard print dress embodies confidence and style. Tone it down with some neutral layering like a bolero or shrug and simple footwear or unleash your wild side by adding some additional color! Key is to be tasteful. Not tacky.

2. The scarf. A statement piece such as a scarf adds instant drama. The closer the print is to your face, the less you'll have to add more accessories to your look. This may be one of the easiest ways to wear a fun and daring print without over committing.

3. The blouse + denim. Simply trendy. Stay modern with the style of your top or blouse to avoid looking like you just stepped out of a safari. Seriously. Dark denim (especially a skinny jean) pairs well with a printed top.

rock n' rawr
rock n' rawr created by fashionparadegirl featuring animal print 

August 06, 2011

baby chic

The other day I was walking past the Kate Spade store at the mall, and I noticed a dress in the display window that had me take a second glance. No, it wasn't a dress that I had seen on a celebrity. Nor was it a dress I recognized from a magazine fashion spread. But, it was a dress that resembled so very closely to one in my 4 month old daughter’s wardrobe.
kate spade dress
Kate Spade floral wynne dress
Gone are the days when all little girls wore were frocks that mimicked Minnie Mouse or rompers that were plastered with images of either princesses, hearts, rubber ducks, frogs, or even worse- all of them together (yes, I’ve experienced it!).  Through the years, baby clothing has transformed into baby fashion. From labels like Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, and True Religion to fast fashion chains like H&M, it’s hard not to dress your little doll (or even little guy) in something you would even wear today.  Key is not to go overboard or too adult-like, however. Below are some guidelines for your mini-me.

August 03, 2011

stuart weitzman: puffystuff

Cheers to my first shoe of the month post! Look out for my fave footwear feature each month highlighting various ways to strut your shoe style. Indulge.
Stuart Weitzman
Stuart Weitzman puffystuff pump in color Hummus Aniline

July 26, 2011

flawless flap-over

When I came across these photos of Jennifer Aniston and her new beau, the Tom Ford Flap Over Bag, I became instantly enamored. Perhaps it triggered the memory of my long gone daily companion, a leather Coach messenger bag (R.I.P). Perhaps the chunky gold hardware resembled the majority of what my handbags wear today.  Or just perhaps- it was that perfect combination of the two. Nonetheless, I am in love.  Take a look…what are your thoughts?

photo credit:

photo credit:
photo credit:

July 21, 2011

scarf it up, fashionably

One of my all time favorite accessories is the scarf. While endlessly organizing and reorganizing my closet, I have finally managed to store all my scarves and shawls together, in one bin (all 37 of them!). 

In the midst of organizing my scarves/shawls...

Many of you may stash away your scarves for the fall or winter seasons, but I believe they are a year round accessory. Here’s a list of some of my favorite type of scarves/shawls and how to wear them through out the year:

Infinity- The easiest scarf to wear. You don’t have to worry about tying it the right way or it sliding off. I like to pair it with almost everything! Layering with an infinity scarf gives any outfit it’s own personal style (kind of like a statement necklace). A knit for cooler temperatures and a crinkly cotton for warmer climates.  Oh, and it also covers any inappropriate cleavage if need be.

Pashmina- Every girl needs a good solid pashmina shawl.  Great for draping over bare shoulders and arms when you need that extra cover.  Or tie it up like a scarf with a cotton maxi dress. I like using mine as a layering  tool when traveling on an airplane. Beats those recycled blankets (if you’re lucky enough to even get one nowadays).

Animal print- Update a solid top or dress with a fun animal print scarf. These safari prints are a consistent trend in fashion. The key is to wear it minimally with neutral colors.

Silk- The smooth and lightweight texture of silk scarves are perfect for that finishing touch to your professional look any time of the year. Yet, it’s also flirty enough to add onto a summer dress or just let it hang with a simple tank and distressed jeans. Use a colorful or printed one as a headband.

July 13, 2011

comfortable with color

I have recently been intrigued by colored denim. If you are like me and steer towards sporting neutrals (well, mostly black in my case), here's a way to ease your way into the world of color. Start with a bright colored jean and pair with a neutral top (gray is a great option!). Accessorize with simple yet fun pieces and end with a punch of color with your handbag. You can always add more color as you get more comfortable. Magenta nails would be my next step.
Colored Denim

Colored Denim by fashionparadegirl featuring cropped skinny jeans

July 09, 2011

lehengas and louboutins

Indian weddings 2011 by fashionparadegirl

Wedding season has turned into the Indian wedding year for me this year. And, with the rise of Indian and western fashions fusing together, it only left me with the best of both worlds... endless lavish garments, ornate jewelry, designer handbags and shoes to admire as we danced the night away!  As I drool over the trends that have caught my eye at these extravagant festivities, here comes my very first post. Check out the top ten fashion trends I spotted at Indian weddings this year: