March 19, 2012

tangy lips

I've always been a fan of bold lip color. Pigmented shades of pink and fuchsia, and of course a classic red lipstick, seem to continuouly stay on top of my cosmetic drawer. And, now with all the color craze about Pantone's very tangy color of the year; Tangerine Tango... reddish-orange colored lips are surfing my mind. So, I went on a hunt for the just the right shade of orange lipstick.

color testing on my hand
Bobbi Brown
color: atomic orange
The ultimate bright orange. Only wear this if you have traffic stopping confidence. 
It must be popular since the inventory was wiped out.

colors: morange, so chaud
Known for their high pigmented costume make-up, you can't go wrong with a bold look by M.A.C. 
So, I naturally found two shades that were equally as fiery.

Trish McEvoy
color: vibrant coral
As the name suggests, this color is more of a coral than an orange. 
However, the vibrant aspect of it can classify it as a bright tangy shade. 

color: rouge volupte orange shiver #14
Radiant and glamorous... both the color and the price tag. 
If you like to splurge and feel fancy, this would be it.

What are some of your favorite finds?

March 13, 2012

the outdoor in

Fashion and home decor have always had a direct relationship when it comes to color and trends.  For the last several years, I have been naturally (no pun intended) drawn to earth tones for my home furnishing style. Dominating neutral tones of green, brown, with black and white serve as the foundation for my everyday living space as well as my closet. But, now with all this rage about color, I have whole heartedly embraced brights and bolds to take a step into my world of decor and dress up. Here are some trends to help adapt color while keeping that oh-so-comfort of the nature inspired.

Incorporate color with nature-esque prints. 
Crate and Barrel: placemats, bread basket, silverware
Pottery Barn: mug, napkins, sugar pot
Target: plate
Home Goods: bowl

Nordstrom: tanktop, blouse (B.P.)
Bloomingdales: linen pants (Guess)

Nature doesn't always mean the wilderness. Think water, vacation, and yacht.
Pottery Barn: pillow covers 
Forever 21: sweater
Marc Jacobs: handbag

Flowers make the world a prettier place. 
A colorful medley of the outdoors- courtesy of my better half!
Nordstrom: blouse (T.B.D.)
Kate Spade: handbag