December 30, 2011

sequin time

Happy New Year

Happy New Year by fashionparadegirl featuring hair bow accessories

There has to be at least a single New Year's Eve in every girl's lifespan when she's decked out in sequins. As cliche as it may be, I still love it! With this year's fashion trend consisting of glitz and glam textiles, it makes it even more easier to shimmer your way into 2012.

1. clutch- Mango
2. bangles- Betsey Johnson
3. tank- Rachel Zoe
4. dress- Antik Batik
5. blazer- Haute Hippie
6. skirt- Vince
7. headband- Salvatore Ferragamo
8. shorts- Patrizia Pepe
9. pumps- Enzo Angiolini

December 27, 2011

mixed elements

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. I say, why not throw in the gold, silver and platinum too? Earlier this month, I was gifted the beautiful David Yurman Crossover Bracelet (thanks to my dear hubby!) which got me to realize how much I love mixing different metals in my jewelry.

Nowadays it is perfectly acceptable to mix gold (yellow and rose, but of course) and silver, as long as it's not done over-excessively. Take a look at  some of my favorite ways to mix it up:

dainty pieces- Although I am really big on chunky jewelry, my true love has always been classic pieces. Pair a bunch of delicate mismatched metals and there you have it... classy bling!

throw in the ice- It doesn't necessarity have to be real diamonds (but hey, a girl can dream!). Rhinestones and crystals rock a long way too.

statement ring- A cocktail ring is an equivalent of an abstract art piece. Make your way towards one that has various shades of metallic hues, strong structure, and catches your eye immediately.

mixed piece- When combining solid gold and silver, try to keep a versatile piece that already has more than one metal in its design. A two toned watch is a perfect bridge piece.

And, there you have it... jewelry etiquitte redefined.

December 09, 2011

the tight rule

So I had been experiencing writers block for the last few weeks until just the other day when I spotted a horrendous faux paus. As I was strolling around at the mall, enjoying the pleasant holiday atmosphere along with my grande-non-fat-gingerbread-mocha-no-whip in my hand, I noticed something not so pleasant. A chunky knit button down cardigan (mind you, with the last button undone) paired with black opaque tights! And that was it. No skirt. No shorts. And, No- the cardigan was not a sweater-dress or even a long sweater. Peeping control top pantyhose- not cute. The outfit would have been perfectly appropriate just by replacing the tights with leggings. Here's the difference, just in case.

Tights: i.e. pantyhose, a one-piece undergarment consisting of underpants and stretchable stockings.

Leggings: tight fitting stretch pants.

My rule of thumb is if you can wear your top with bare legs, it's tights appropriate. In all other cases, go with leggings.

December 01, 2011

rain and shine

Rainy season seems to have a bad rap amongst most of us. Notice I say "most" and not "all."
It's actually a time of slight excitement at my home; My 3 year old son gets a thrill out of splashing in muddy puddles and I get joy from slipping into my new Hunter Rain Boots.