August 06, 2011

baby chic

The other day I was walking past the Kate Spade store at the mall, and I noticed a dress in the display window that had me take a second glance. No, it wasn't a dress that I had seen on a celebrity. Nor was it a dress I recognized from a magazine fashion spread. But, it was a dress that resembled so very closely to one in my 4 month old daughter’s wardrobe.
kate spade dress
Kate Spade floral wynne dress
Gone are the days when all little girls wore were frocks that mimicked Minnie Mouse or rompers that were plastered with images of either princesses, hearts, rubber ducks, frogs, or even worse- all of them together (yes, I’ve experienced it!).  Through the years, baby clothing has transformed into baby fashion. From labels like Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, and True Religion to fast fashion chains like H&M, it’s hard not to dress your little doll (or even little guy) in something you would even wear today.  Key is not to go overboard or too adult-like, however. Below are some guidelines for your mini-me.

And most importantly, please don’t try to match with her from head to toe. Do give her (and yourself) personal style.

What are some of your favorite baby brands?

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