December 09, 2011

the tight rule

So I had been experiencing writers block for the last few weeks until just the other day when I spotted a horrendous faux paus. As I was strolling around at the mall, enjoying the pleasant holiday atmosphere along with my grande-non-fat-gingerbread-mocha-no-whip in my hand, I noticed something not so pleasant. A chunky knit button down cardigan (mind you, with the last button undone) paired with black opaque tights! And that was it. No skirt. No shorts. And, No- the cardigan was not a sweater-dress or even a long sweater. Peeping control top pantyhose- not cute. The outfit would have been perfectly appropriate just by replacing the tights with leggings. Here's the difference, just in case.

Tights: i.e. pantyhose, a one-piece undergarment consisting of underpants and stretchable stockings.

Leggings: tight fitting stretch pants.

My rule of thumb is if you can wear your top with bare legs, it's tights appropriate. In all other cases, go with leggings.

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