July 18, 2013

denim penciled in

I am who you call a denim girl. Jackets, jeans, shirts, shorts, skirts, vests, shoes, handbags, headbands-- I have owned them all. All in denim. With the recent re-trend of the denim pencil skirt, I am ready to rock it-- once again.

The possibilities are endless with my new BLANKNYC 'festival' denim skirt! Here are few fun ways to sass it up with this classic meets edgy staple:

1. slouchy sweater + pumps- The juxtaposition of fitted bottom with a loose top is a safe and comfy option. It leaves room for a fun accessory such as neon pumps or bold handbag or scarf. 

2. classic white t-shirt + boots- Pairing denim and white never goes out of style. Boots, booties, or flip flops- flats (and tan) are it.

3. black cropped top + sandals- If you're feeling more on the edgier side, this is the look. Show off your curves, re-live the 80s.denim skirt look one