September 29, 2011

saving face

Before: excited to attend my very first live NFL game
During: three hours at an outdoor sporting event in scorching heat sans sun protection
After: an uneven crispy face tan/burn
Now: not excited about my skin situation nor NFL

I've been struggling for over a week now trying to reverse the sun damage on my face (primarily my forehead and nose!).  After getting several pointers from family, friends and of course, the internet- I decided to list them for you all to take note of:

1. apply lemon extract and juice- The citric acid as well as vitamin C in lemons is said to lighten and soothe the skin. Massage on for a couple minutes and leave on for 10 minutes before washing your face. Please note: If your skin starts to feel irritated wash your face right away since your skin may be too sensitive.

2. exfoliate- Gently scrub your face (I emphasize gently). You don't want to irritate the skin more than you already have.

3. moisturize- Since a sunburn essentially dries out your skin, its extremely important to moisturize your face. Moisturize and use aloe overnight...It's the most natural and soothing cure for a sunburn and tan.

4. apply sunscreen- Especially after exfoliating, your skin needs even more protection than it initially did. So, lather on generously.

5. alter your make-up- I learned that you need at least 2 different shades of foundation and/or concealer for the entire year. Our skin texture and shade varies throughout the year with seasonal changes and sun exposure. This way, odd foundation coloring (you know that ashy look?) can be avoided. Another tip: Add bronzer to your usual foundation to add color and match your tan. Something else worth trying out: MAC MatchMaster Foundation. 

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