February 29, 2012

one of the guys

one of the guys

one of the guys by fashionparadegirl featuring h&m jackets

As if towels and pillowcases weren't enough to label as his and her. Time to start labeling your wardrobe! In the last few months, menswear inspired women's clothing has been quite the buzz. Here's a round up of the top 5 guy style items (on ladies, that is) I have repeatedly spotted all over town:

1. motorcycle jacket- Pairing a moto jacket with a feminine top is the way to go.
spotted: H&M, Banana Republic

2. plaid shirt- Plaid seems to be one of those timeless trends that doesn't ever completely go away.
spotted: Old Navy, J. Crew

3. oversized watch- I currently have a personal obsession for this!
spotted: Michele, Michael Kors, Nixon

4. loafers- Think of your classic Hugh Hefner smoking flats. Yep- those are cool.
spotted: Steve Madden, Sam Edelman

5. pinstripe trousers- Chic, tailored and confident. A guy's girl for sure.
spotted: J. Crew, BCBGeneration

Love my chucks!

February 17, 2012

hair fix

It's happened to most of us at some point in time: You walk into a salon desperate for a trim, and walk out with a disappointed haircut gone too short. For the last couple of weeks, I have been moping around, missing my long tresses, and most of all- anxiously awaiting the short layers around my face to grow out. In the interim, the following two quick fix hairdos are my best buddies.

high bun 
Slick hair back into a tight ponytail and wrap into a bun.
Use bobby pins to secure any short flyaway layers.
Optional: end with a comfortable headband to keep all strands in place.
Jessica Alba

pompadour pony tail
The 2012 Grammy Awards red carpet looks gave even more credibiluty to this 1950's hair reinvention (men and women rocked the pouf!).
Separate top front section of hair.
Backcomb the crown with a soft bristle comb and smooth over with the separated hair.
Slick the sides with some pomade or gel.
Pull hair into ponytail.
Use bobby pins to secure the ends down at your ponytail to create a pomp.
Amaia Salamanca
2012 Grammy Awards pompadours
Kate Beckinsale, Katy Perry, Alicia Keys

What are some of your favorite quick fix hair tips?

February 09, 2012

chanel trunk show

As New York Fashion Week kicked off today, I only hoped to experience that fabulousness of fashion chaos someday. On the other hand, walking into a local Chanel trunk show made my day! What a treat--the fresh Spring-Summer 2012 looks straight off the Paris runway to see, touch, and die for... first hand. 

While spring's color trend (primarily the sorbet hues) appeared on many handbags, the ice-goddess-metallic look fashioned on the runway dominated the collection. 

Love the rose gold hardware!
Check out the silver metalics on each handbag. The model on the left is holding a mini bag with silver sequins beaded on lambskin. Now that's Chanel.

What captured my attention right away with it's navy and slate leather, cognac accent, 
and gunmetal hardware-- the Country Chic Bag. Absolutely love.

Country Chic Bag

February 03, 2012

fancy pants

Sometimes I wonder if the fashion industry deliberately introduces quite unflattering ideas just to see if we cave in and follow along. Unless you live on the fashion runway or in an Anthropologie catalog, loud bold and rather gaudy patterns may not be your thing. So, after major contemplation and careful consideration I have now made the leap into the world of (drumroll, please)... printed pants.

*Note to self: purchase and flaunt what flatters your body type and sense of style.

printed pants
printed pants created by fashionparadegirl via polyvore