February 17, 2012

hair fix

It's happened to most of us at some point in time: You walk into a salon desperate for a trim, and walk out with a disappointed haircut gone too short. For the last couple of weeks, I have been moping around, missing my long tresses, and most of all- anxiously awaiting the short layers around my face to grow out. In the interim, the following two quick fix hairdos are my best buddies.

high bun 
Slick hair back into a tight ponytail and wrap into a bun.
Use bobby pins to secure any short flyaway layers.
Optional: end with a comfortable headband to keep all strands in place.
Jessica Alba

pompadour pony tail
The 2012 Grammy Awards red carpet looks gave even more credibiluty to this 1950's hair reinvention (men and women rocked the pouf!).
Separate top front section of hair.
Backcomb the crown with a soft bristle comb and smooth over with the separated hair.
Slick the sides with some pomade or gel.
Pull hair into ponytail.
Use bobby pins to secure the ends down at your ponytail to create a pomp.
Amaia Salamanca
2012 Grammy Awards pompadours
Kate Beckinsale, Katy Perry, Alicia Keys

What are some of your favorite quick fix hair tips?

1 comment:

  1. The high bun is probably my absolute favorite hairstyle for a day on-the-go! Its stylish and quick! XOXO


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