July 21, 2011

scarf it up, fashionably

One of my all time favorite accessories is the scarf. While endlessly organizing and reorganizing my closet, I have finally managed to store all my scarves and shawls together, in one bin (all 37 of them!). 

In the midst of organizing my scarves/shawls...

Many of you may stash away your scarves for the fall or winter seasons, but I believe they are a year round accessory. Here’s a list of some of my favorite type of scarves/shawls and how to wear them through out the year:

Infinity- The easiest scarf to wear. You don’t have to worry about tying it the right way or it sliding off. I like to pair it with almost everything! Layering with an infinity scarf gives any outfit it’s own personal style (kind of like a statement necklace). A knit for cooler temperatures and a crinkly cotton for warmer climates.  Oh, and it also covers any inappropriate cleavage if need be.

Pashmina- Every girl needs a good solid pashmina shawl.  Great for draping over bare shoulders and arms when you need that extra cover.  Or tie it up like a scarf with a cotton maxi dress. I like using mine as a layering  tool when traveling on an airplane. Beats those recycled blankets (if you’re lucky enough to even get one nowadays).

Animal print- Update a solid top or dress with a fun animal print scarf. These safari prints are a consistent trend in fashion. The key is to wear it minimally with neutral colors.

Silk- The smooth and lightweight texture of silk scarves are perfect for that finishing touch to your professional look any time of the year. Yet, it’s also flirty enough to add onto a summer dress or just let it hang with a simple tank and distressed jeans. Use a colorful or printed one as a headband.


  1. darn, I am way behind on the shawl trend. I still need to get all three.I am thinking of buying a animal print scarf... or maybe I can just borrow one from you ;) rawr.

  2. Ha! How about the black and white leopard one from H&M?