January 05, 2012

organized fashion

You know it's the first week of a new year when Lululemon gear and reusable water bottles are the hottest trend on the streets. I was guilty of wearing my sneakers yesterday as I ran, errands that it, to get some new hangers for my closet. That leads me to my first post of 2012-- dedicated to my top new year's resolution: get my fashion cave (closet and vanity) efficient and organized! Take a look at the five to do's to accomplish my goal:

1. switch out wooden hangers to plastic hangers- 
As much as wooden hangers are cute and boutiquey, they are not always practical (especially when it comes to California real estate). Space is essential in keeping organized so plastic takes up less room. As long as the hanger color and size are consistent, you'll still have a pretty display.
goodbye cedar!

2. store shoes in clear boxes- 
Visibility is key when getting a look together, and shoes are an important part of any outfit. How many times I've forgotten I had the perfect shoe to go with a dress? Countless.
container store shoe boxes

3. sort and label handbags- 
Clutches, small bags, large bags... sort, store and label. If you have more space and handbag inventory, it's better to categorize further (i.e. totes, hobos, messengers etc). I hope to master this one day.
container store storage boxes

4. stash away cosmetics-
Oh, make-up. I feel like every 6 months there seems to be a bigger better cosmetic must have that we all get lured into owning. Keep everyday essentials in a drawer or vanity organizer (brushes included), easily accesible. Everything else--- stash away in a train case. There's no need to stare at those fake lashes everyday when getting your under eye concealer.
sephora train case

5. eliminate any unused items- 
By far, the biggest hurdle for me! If you haven't worn it or used it in a year (designer handbags excluded), it's time to say bye-bye. Donate, sell, or discard these items. What keeps me going from having separation anxiety? Knowing that there is something better out there for me.

Now, this will allow me to be more efficient and give me time to do more enjoyable things in life (i.e. shop and blog).


  1. Totally agree about wooden hangers--cute and all, but only for guest closet!

  2. Exactly where some of these will be going!