March 19, 2012

tangy lips

I've always been a fan of bold lip color. Pigmented shades of pink and fuchsia, and of course a classic red lipstick, seem to continuouly stay on top of my cosmetic drawer. And, now with all the color craze about Pantone's very tangy color of the year; Tangerine Tango... reddish-orange colored lips are surfing my mind. So, I went on a hunt for the just the right shade of orange lipstick.

color testing on my hand
Bobbi Brown
color: atomic orange
The ultimate bright orange. Only wear this if you have traffic stopping confidence. 
It must be popular since the inventory was wiped out.

colors: morange, so chaud
Known for their high pigmented costume make-up, you can't go wrong with a bold look by M.A.C. 
So, I naturally found two shades that were equally as fiery.

Trish McEvoy
color: vibrant coral
As the name suggests, this color is more of a coral than an orange. 
However, the vibrant aspect of it can classify it as a bright tangy shade. 

color: rouge volupte orange shiver #14
Radiant and glamorous... both the color and the price tag. 
If you like to splurge and feel fancy, this would be it.

What are some of your favorite finds?

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